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Throughout our lives there is a silent witness to all our joys, our pains, our wildest longings, and our deepest grief. The moon is there with us, shining her essence into the waterways of our body and soul, so we may never be alone.

Every 29.5 days the moon completes her orbit around Earth, showing us the magical phases of her feminine faces: the bright maiden of her crescent new moon, the shining mother of her full moon, and the wise crone of her dark moon.

She holds the mystical power of conception, gestation, birth, and rebirth.

She renews herself in magical cycles of creativity, marrying dark to light.

She is the mistress of alchemy and the cup bearer of compassion.

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The cellular structure of water changes and transforms with moonlight.

We are mermaids, made up of almost 70 percent water, and so the moon also transforms us. In ancient times, indigenous people and female womb shamans worked with this mystical, transformative power of the moon—to help them seed and birth creations.

They followed the turning wheel of the moon’s phases and lived by her time.

The Feminine Shamanic Path

We are being called to remember this feminine shamanic path and become har-moon-ious with the sacred rhythms of life again. To awaken as moon priestesses.

When we consciously work with the power of the moon, we become lunar alchemists. The moon is waiting to whisper her forgotten secrets to you.

As the sun sets on the seen world, make friends with the darkened unseen world.

Follow the sound of the owl calling to you, plant your bare feet on the fertile earth, feel your shimmering creative essence brew inside your womb. Then look up at the sky.

The moon is shining on you, waiting for you to dance with her.

And under one wild moon, I will be there dancing with you.

May your creations be rooted in Earth and birthed with the moon.

Moon Ritual: Lunarized Water

Your Sacred Items:

* A bowl (glass or pottery; not plastic); ideally it can be kept for sacred moon rituals

* A favorite crystal you want to charge with moonlight

* Herbs from your garden or a local source, such as mugwort, rose, nettle—or another drinkable herb you feel called to

Your Moon Ritual:

* Clean your bowl out with warm water and salt.

* Imagine the bowl as symbolic of your inner pelvic bowl.

* Now fill the bowl with fresh water, preferably from a well or spring but tap water will do.

* Place your crystal in the middle of the bowl, representing the pelvic heart.

* Sprinkle a pinch of magical herb in the bowl, invoking the spirit of the herb.

* Place the bowl outside overnight on a full moon or a new moon.

* Imagine the full moon is charging your pelvic bowl with lunar energy.

* Imagine the new moon is gently cleansing and renewing your pelvic bowl.

* In the morning take a sip of the lunar water as a sacrament.

* Offer the rest of the lunarized water to the earth as a blessing.

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BOOK: Spirit Weaver

Spirit Weaver: Wisdom Teachings from the Feminine Path of Magic
by Seren Bertrand

book cover of Spirit Weaver: Wisdom Teachings from the Feminine Path of Magic by Seren BertrandInviting you onto the spiral path of the spirit weaver, Seren Bertrand shares wisdom teachings and rituals from the feminine path of magic and her own ancestral lineage of old European witches and faerie folk, spirit keepers and story weavers. She explores Flower of Life teachings, the moon mysteries, and dragon wisdom. She unveils the shamanic powers of grief and deeply examines the feminine archetypes of the witch and the priestess.

Drawing on powerful feminine spiritual icons from around the world, such as Kali, Isis, Teresa of Ávila, and Mary Magdalene, she explains how to awaken your spiritual Womb to find strength within and how to reclaim your soft powers of heart-opening vulnerability. 

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About the Author

photo of Seren BertrandSeren Bertrand is a visionary creatrix and spirit keeper with a degree in English literature and modern philosophy. She is dedicated to restoring the lost global feminine wisdom traditions and is the coauthor of Magdalene Mysteries and Womb Awakening.

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